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What to Do In Dades Gorges
29 Mar

What to Do In Dades Gorges

What to Do In Dades Gorges

Stay at Hotel Babylon Dades and Enjoy Doing Activities in the Valley

What to Do In Dades Gorges

Dades Gorge is a impressive gorge of the Dades River, lying near the petite village Boumalne Dades between Ouarzazate and Tinghir.

Dades Valley is a popular and pleasant stop for many travelers. Here you can appreciate a unique beauty surrounded by palm oasis, almond and date trees. The view is scenic and giant, with different types of rocks, geological formations and the 28 Km long Dades river.

What to Do In Dades Gorges

While you stay with us at Hotel Babylon Dades there are many thing we highly recommend to our guests. You can do many different hikings either by yourself or with an experienced local guide:

Once you arrive and settle in your room you can go for a shot walk through the serpent zig-zag road and from the top you can be pleased with the amazing view of the river and the valley together. Another walk you can choose is to go 27 km through the canyon with a guide, this might be around 3 or 4 hours.In case you have plenty of time, a 3-day-walk with a guide to Todra Gorge may be an unforgettable experience in life where you can go deep into wild paths and see nomadic lifestyle of berber people. It is all up to you.

Walking alongside the river is another activity we recommend to our visitors because you find relaxation with the sound of the water and the immense red walls of stone where you may find some shepherd guiding his flock of sheeps. This is very authentic to see in Morocco.

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