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Hotel Babylon Dades and its Cuisine
27 Mar

Hotel Babylon and Its Cuisine

Hotel Babylon Dades and Its Cuisine

Welcome to Hotel Babylon Dades

Kefta Hotel Babylon Dades 

Hotel Babylon Dades and its cuisine.

Our chefs are native to the High Atlas Mountains so they know well their traditions and spices to give the food the real flavor of Morocco. They use fresh and local ingredients to make a really interesting mix of Moroccan and European dishes for you to taste.

Tajine or Tagine is a traditional dish in North Africa countries, specially in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. This recipe is typically slow cooked in a conic earthenware pot that adds the unique hearty and homemade flavor to the food. The ingredients vary depending on the area, commonly made it with meat, poultry or fish together with vegetables or fruits. Different spices are also used, however the most used is the well-known: ‘Ras-al-hanout’. We highly recommend you to try the best specialty of our chef Moha: Tajine Babylon.

You can not leave Morocco without trying a good Couscous and Kofta, they will give you a wider appreciation of Moroccan cuisine.


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